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The best E3 2017 trailers: the top videos from gaming's big showcase in one place

June 12, 2017 10:33 AM
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The best E3 2017 trailers: the top videos from gaming's big showcase in one place

We’ve seen a glut of awesome E3 trailers, including the latest showcases of some of the biggest franchises in gaming, so we’ve brought them all together in one place for your delectation.

We know you’re already going to be soaking up every word and picture of your favorite games, whether that’s FIFA 18 or Assassin’s Creed: Origins, but for millions of people who are looking for their new obsession or simply want to see what else is out there, E3 trailers are a massively important steer.

So, without further ado; here’s TechRadar’s rundown of the most critical E3 trailers that you simply have to watch so far. Keep your eyes locked on this page – we'll be updating it every time a major new trailer worth your time lands.

The console formerly known as Project Scorpio has now been officially unveiled as the Xbox One X and we couldn't be more excited by the XboxOX.

One of gaming’s most beloved franchises, as well single-handedly correcting the spelling of a generation of young historians, Assassin’s Creed Origins captured plenty of attention with its eagle scouting functionality and the stunning 4K splendour making an already pretty series look truly beautiful.

Yeah , gestures are going to be a bit divisive, but playing as Link in one of the greatest open worlds of any game on your new Nintendo Switch? We can get on board with that...

Doom has always had the capacity to make us, how do we put this delicately...brick ourselves. So the prospect of playing the game in a virtual effing world is pretty exciting, and terrifying. And terrifying. And terrifying.

Fallout 4 captivated us for a long time when it arrived, but having finally conquered our addiction following a tricky survival mode playthrough we're now being offered a VR version. "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in."

A new 'IP' is always thrilling, but a new IP from Bioware is pant-wettingly exciting and the opening glimpse at Anthem - an open world game that doesn't at all remind us of Destiny AT ALL - is pretty fantastic.

Sea of Thieves is shaping up nicely, and the new gameplay footage definitely garnered some attention in among the noise of E3.

Some would argue that Crackdown has never really got the attention that it deserves, but that could change for Crackdown 3, with this Terry Crews-starring trailer showing us why this should be considered a mainstream offering.

As a launch title for Xbox One X, we were pretty confident that Middle Earth: Shadow of War would be beautiful and the E3 trailer certainly didn't let us down.

We've been stoked about Star Wars Battlefront 2 for some time now, and EA's early E3 showcase was a great example of how to use trailers to keep us hyped for release.

The response from the internet to the FIFA 18 reveal has been, well, predictably aggrieved, but in truth some of the cosmetic tweaks that have been talked about ahead of a likely bigger reveal at GDC might well be the most vital changes to a game that has stood still for too long.

Given the success of The Journey on Fifa 17, it's no surprise that a single player campaign is coming to Madden 18 and the world of American Football in the form of 'Longshot'.

We're both too fast and too furious to tel you everything that this Need for Speed Payback gameplay trailer shows off, so we'll just let you get in gear and burn some YouTube rubber.

Forza has long been the Gran Turismo of the Xbox, and Forza 7 is guaranteed to look frickin' amazing on the Xbox One X with its 4K graphics.

Last but not least, EA's trailer for A Way Out has been described by the TechRadar team in E3 as 'the biggest surprise' of the show and here's why...


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