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  • Struggling to sleep? Make sure to get adequate rest to avoid risk of ADHD

    September 3, 2017 12:31 PM 13

    Lack of regular circadian sleep may be behind attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which affects around 75%?of children and adults, according to a new study. ADHD, which is associated with many sleep-related disorders, including restless-leg syndrome, sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disturbance and delayed sleep phase syndrome, was until now thought

  • This popular daily drink is sabotaging your weight loss goals

    September 2, 2017 10:03 AM 8

    But it could be wreaking havoc with your weight loss progress, because the bitter brew surprisingly makes you crave sugar. While a daily cup of the caffeine-rich drink helps you wake up, it also tempers taste buds temporarily, making food and drink seem less sweet. But ironically this effect makes us want a sugar hit even more, which is perhaps why the popular

  • Sudbury Health Unit confirms West Nile virus in adult

    September 1, 2017 8:02 PM 9

    Infection is third reported in area since 2006 The Sudbury and District Health Unit has confirmed a case of the West Nile virus in an adult from the Sudbury East area. In a press release, the SDHU stated that it received laboratory results confirming the presence of the virus. But the SDHU hasn't found any mosquitoes in the area carrying the virus this year. The last time positive

  • Asthma Medicine Has Been Found To Halve The Risk Of Parkinson's Disease

    September 1, 2017 10:12 AM 17

    But blood pressure drugs increase risk. Commonly prescribed asthma drugs have been found to reduce a patient’s risk of developing Parkinson’s disease by as much as 50% in a decade-long study. also uncovered worrying data about the impact of blood pressure drugs, specifically propranolol, which seems to increase the risk. Salbutamol, which usually comes

  • VIDEO: A guide for overdose survival

    August 29, 2017 8:08 PM 17

    How people can save a life with or without a naloxone kit In conjunction with International Overdose Awareness Day Aug. 31, the Record met with Sarah Sullivan, manager of AIDS Vancouver Island to discuss how people can save a life with or without a naloxone kit. Sullivan encourages everyone to get basic CPR training, and if necessary, a naloxone kit. Signs

  • Fighting mosquitoes with 40-year-old department at 20% strength

    August 29, 2017 6:53 PM 17

    NEW DELHI: Following the mosquito crisis of 1978-79 malaria, the anti-malaria departments of the municipal corporation had been boosted massively. But with a large number of those recruits having retired in the last couple of years — almost 80% of the posts of anti-malaria officers and inspectors lie vacant today — the city is ill-prepared to meet the onslaught

  • Carlyle-based company fined $35K after worker suffers serious spinal injury

    August 29, 2017 1:31 AM 13

    A company based in Carlyle, Sask. has been fined $35,000 after a worker was seriously injured on the job. Carlyle Contracting Services Ltd. pleaded guilty to one violation of Saskatchewan’s occupational health and safety regulations in Carlyle provincial court last week. The company admitted it failed to ensure workers using, maintaining or dismantling

  • Health-care, harm reduction workers call on Ontario to declare opioid emergency

    August 28, 2017 3:54 PM 14

    More than 700 doctors, nurses, harm reduction workers and academics are calling on Ontario to declare opioid overdoses and deaths an emergency. They released an open letter today saying limited resources and poor data are preventing them from responding properly to a disturbing and sustained increase in overdoses. They say an emergency declaration will allow

  • San Diego battles deadly Hepatitis A outbreak

    August 28, 2017 10:01 AM 11

    A record outbreak of Hepatitis A has killed 14 people and put scores in hospital in San Diego, hitting mostly homeless and patients using intravenous drugs. The latest data from San Diego County in California show that more than 350 cases have been diagnosed since the beginning of the year. Most of those have taken been identified since July, and 264 people

  • Toronto officials focus on British Airways flight after measles case

    August 26, 2017 12:38 AM 19

    TORONTO -- Public health officials in Toronto are dealing with a case of the measles and they're focusing on a British Airways flight on Aug. 19. Toronto Public Health says it's possible passengers on a London to Toronto British Airways flight BA0099 were exposed to the measles. They also say there could have been exposure at Toronto Pearson International