Gargoyle found on Mars? (Video)

December 5, 2013 10:00 PM

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A video, published to YouTube on Dec. 4, makes the strongest case yet for evidence of an extinct alien culture on the Red Planet, by revealing the startling image of what looks like a statue of one of the mythical creatures carved on cathedrals built centuries ago on Earth.

The gargoyle video, posted by paranormal researcher WowForReeel, never claims it's a clue to past Martian culture, instead taking a lighthearted view of what seems to be just a rocky anomaly.

But the similarity to statues hewn in stone for centuries by humans is undeniable.

Ancient alien theorists have long proposed that visitors from other planets have inspired some of the most unusual works of art in human history, some created thousands of years ago. Where did ancient artists draw their inspirations from?

It follows that if there ever were a civilization on Mars, similar to human culture, they may have represented their own images and mythology in stone. Could Martian visitors have spread that inclination by visiting humanity in the early stages of society?

If so, it's reasonable to assume Martian artists may have immortalized their own advanced imaginations in sculpture and works of art.

No matter the reason, this gargoyle image is one of the most intriguing finds ever captured by NASA.


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