Jena Malone Talks Awkward Catching Fire Elevator Striptease—Watch Now!

November 29, 2013 7:41 AM

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Jena Malone stopped by Chelsea Lately and revealed that her elevator striptease scene wasn't nearly as easy to pull off (sorry, had to!) as people may think.

In fact, the actress shared that she encountered a rather uncomfortable run-in with a hotel guest as she was filming in the buff.

"It was an actual elevator that was working in an actual hotel and it was a giant hotel in Atlanta, the Marriot Marquis," she shared. "And I had like Winnie the Pooh stickers around my [nipples]."

"We tried to choreograph it like a six-second striptease and it took me a while to get it all off at the right time," she told Chelsea Handler while giggling.

"So everything's off and I turn at the right time so that the camera doesn't see things that they shouldn't. It was a private monitor, I was hoping."

But in the middle of the shoot, Malone and crew realized that working in a functioning hotel elevator came with a certain set of hurdles—namely, unexpected guests.

"There was one lucky gentleman that when the doors opened, there was this man with four Starbucks cups and a little to-go holder thing and he was just trying to get into the elevator and the doors just closed on him," she explained. "I can only imagine what he thought he was walking into!"

Well one thing is certain, both Malone and the hotel guest got a great story out of the awkward experience!


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