Rob Ford: The Movie tells Toronto mayor’s story using clips from Chris Farley films: Watch here

November 21, 2013 10:00 PM

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As the controversy surrounding Rob Ford makes headlines at home and abroad, there has been much guesswork around who’d be best suited to play the Toronto mayor in a movie on his life, times and various scandals.

Toronto-based editor and director Tristan Gough seems to have settled the debate once and for all: It should be Chris Farley, and the actor’s already done the work.

Despite his now-global notoriety, Rob Ford is steadfast in his decision to run for re-election in Toronto’s 2014 mayoral race. And now, he’s gotten his first celebrity endorsement as Ron Burgundy, the Anchorman star played by Will Ferrell, performed the official song of Ford’s 2014 campaign on Conan.

“My dear, dear, dear friend, Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto, is running for re-election,” Ferrell, in character as Burgundy, told Conan O’Brien on Wednesday night. “I hold him in the highest regard. He is the best. Outstanding individual.”

Gough has created a parody trailer for Rob Ford: The Movie by knitting together clips from Black Sheep and Tommy Boy to tell the story of Ford’s rise to power, fall from grace and potential redemption. He didn’t miss a beat.

He found footage for the boozing, the Florida DUI, the crack and even has Farley-as-mayor falling on a football field.

Ford invades City Hall to the tune of Randy Bachman’s Taking Care of Business and later, after being fired from coaching football, realizes he’s become the laughingstock of an entire city, set to Smashing Pumpkins classic Disarm.

David Spade is also listed as first billed in the opening credits, but without a role. Chief of staff Mark Towhey?

We’d also like to humbly suggest Juliette Lewis for the role of special assistant to the mayor Judith Williams.

Gough, whose video work to this point has mainly consisted of contributing to trailers for Mirvish musicals such as Priscilla Queen of the Desert and War Horse, sent the video out this afternoon on his Twitter feed. Soon after, his name became a trending topic.

Frankly, it’s all pretty seamless stuff, right down to a scene that sees Farley walking face-first into a glass wall in front of a news camera (yes, we know: Ford walked into the camera, but it’s still a pretty close fit). And that’s to say nothing of the fact that Tommy Boy was actually shot in Toronto.


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