Trump obliterates his dishonesty record: 132 false claims last week, 280 for July

August 9, 2018 12:00 PM

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The U.S. president made 132 false claims last week, 19 per day, almost five times his average. That shatters his previous record of 103 false claims in a week, which he set in June.

Trump might have been expected to set a new record. He has grown steadily more dishonest over the course of his term, and he held three campaign rallies last week, the type of event where he is most prone to frequent lying.

But Trump was also extremely dishonest the week prior, during which he gave speeches but did not hold rallies. He made 76 false claims that week, good for fourth-most of his term.

July was Trump’s most dishonest month yet, with 280 false claims in all. His previous monthly record: 268, for June.


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