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NASA will study the moon in new ways

September 10, 2017 5:02 PM
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NASA will study the moon in new ways

NASA is scheduled to hold a work aimed at to study the lunar surface and its features. To do this, U.S. scientists invented a new way.

In order to better understand the surface features of the Earth satellite, NASA experts came up with insertion into its orbit two micro-satellites. A special feature will be that they will be joining the thread.

One satellite will rotate on the distance of 9.6 kilometers from the moon. The height of the second will be much greater, accounting for 189 kilometers from the lunar surface.

Both microsatellite will study those parts of the lunar surface, the colour of which is, in comparison with other, lighter. One scientific theory suggests, it is a consequence of the magnetic characteristics of the substances contained in comets that collided with the Moon.

New NASA satellites will link the thread to receive, including information about the number of the hydrogen contained in the upper layers of the lunar soil. When sufficient volumes in the future, this can be used to fuel rockets, launched from the moon.

A project with two linked satellites in NASA is considered to be one of the most promising, but when it will be implemented, not yet reported.

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